We’re moving.


WeAreTheProject.net has done adequately over the last few years, however, with some changes going on in my life and some interesting opportunities, the time has come to move on.

Common Sense and Scripture is now its own blog, which will be updated about as sporadically as ever. You can find it at the long but reasonable address of CommonSenseAndScripture.wordpress.com

The Project itself, having published a little less than a page a month over the last two years, is undergoing some significant rewrites and art changes. It will be moving to WeAreTheProject.com, and will return on Monday, October 5 with a much more legible site design, content updates three days a week… and… a buffer.

I know, right?
Also, I’m looking into ads, just because.


For the few of you who regularly come by (yay, stats), this domain will be set to redirect to the .com shortly thereafter.

See you in October.